M3 FileRescuer Professional v3.5 Final

Face it, you have a habit of losing things. Most of the time, they turn up eventually, but when it comes to data, the likelihood is that they’re probably gone forever! Except, of course, when you have a copy of today’s discount software promotion, M3 FileRescuer Professional!

M3 FileRescuer Professional recovers more than 600 unique file formats from all types of storage media. With M3 FileRescuer Professional, you’ll be able to safely recover data previously thought lost due to deletion, formatting, loss or partition, or a number of other reasons! Even if you have absolutely no prior experience using data recovery software, M3 FileRescuer Professional will amaze and astound you with intuitive wizard interfaces that walk you through the simple process of rescuing your files.

When you have M3 FileRescuer Professional by your side, you aren’t just able to recover files from your hard drive – you’ll have a brilliant data recovery solution that’s perfect for USB drives, external hard drives, SD cards, CompactFlash cards, and a full spectrum of other storage devices! Best of all, M3 FileRescuer Professional works in a read only mode that means your data is never at risk of being damaged!

  • Safely recover more than 600 unique file formats
  • Recover programs lost due to deletion, formatting, or partition issues
  • Use the program to rescue files off of any type of storage media
  • Enjoy intuitive wizard interfaces that walk you through the easy process of recovery
  • Use the program without risk of damaging your data
  • After you purchase you will receive a download link to install the software
  • Download available for: Windows XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008, 7, 8, Server 2012

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