PC Tools Simple Backup

Automatic storage for photos, music and more

If you already have an external back up drive, this is the ideal solution for you. Install the PC Tools Simple Backup software on your existing USB external hard drive and you will instantly have a fully automatic, continuous backup solution for up to 3 computers.

This application will offer you the possibility to make an automatic backup utility out of your external hard drive.

PC Tools Simple Backup includes the unique IntelliSave feature which allows you to use your back up drive to store other data including podcasts, movies and music files. PC Tools Simple Backup dynamically adjusts the amount of space used for back ups as you add or remove files, ensuring that you always have a complete back up of your system.

Here are some key features of “PC Tools Simple Backup”:

· Fully automatic
· Continuous data protection
· Maintains file versions
· System restore to a point in time
· IntelliSave personalization technology
· Integrated with Windows Explorer
· Easily transfer files between computers
· Password protection

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