Smart Diary Suite Download

Keeps track not only of text, but also of many parameters, many utilities

Smart Diary Suite is mainly a diary software that was designed to assist people in their everyday task of keeping personal information in one place.

The diary itself has full formatting abilities and voice recording. But the most interesting part are the fully customizable parameters that allow you to monitor anything you wish.

In the basic version you have 17 parameters and if you purchase an additional Fibormyalgia extension you’ll receive 26 more specific parameters!

But Smart Diary Suite doesn’t stop there, it gives you a handy reminder that can even play your favorite music to remind you of important events.

Smart Diary Suite has a planner that will allow you see things you need to do. There is also an address book that can send an e-mail or visit a person’s home page.

To help those on a diet or those that just love to eat there’s a nutrition section that contains a cookbook with nutritional information and you can add your own ingredients to it.

You can see what you ate in a day and how many calories it is. Just to be more helpful, there’s a shopping list and a cooking units converter built-in as well.

Now the fun part of it all – all those parameters from the diary section are plotted on a professional graph and you can actually see your life before you! And don’t forget about the interface – it is complete customizable and you can create your own skins easily!

There are many more features than can actually be described here, so it would be better if you downloaded Smart Diary Suite and saw for yourself!

Here are some key features of “Smart Diary Suite”:

· Diary provides a unique outlook on your life by utilizing fully customizable parameters plotted on a graph. You control everything!
· Schedule puts a fully featured calendar at your fingertips to make sure you never miss anything important in your life!
· Tasks allow you to set goals and monitor their progress.
· Notes provide a powerful way to organize any bits of information.
· Nutrition helps you to understand and plan your dietary needs.
· Contacts allow you to keep information about people in your life.

What’s New in This Release:

· New: Copy and paste (create duplicate) entries in all features. The only exception is the Schedule, where attachments are not (yet) copied to the new entry.
· New: Allow copy-and-paste of rows in all lists (such as Diary, Tasks, Notes, Contacts, etc…) onto the clipboard.
· New: Added work address and photo to Contacts.
· New: Added an option to completely disable spelling, cutting down on loading time and also preventing errors about missing dictionaries from coming up.
· New: Added an option to put keyboard focus into the filter field to allow for instant searching when going to a feature.
· New: Pressing the ESC key stops filtering.
· New: Select the first available reminder by default when reminders are enabled, but no default value is set.
· Fixed: Added “0 mins” to the reminders’ list.
· Fixed: Personal tab information not saved in Contacts in certain circumstances.
· Fixed: Search feature was broken in some editions by v4.7.2.
· Fixed: Importing vCal/iCal files ignored end date in recu…


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