Uniblue Powersuite Lite 2013 Final

Uniblue Powersuite 2013 Review – Previously, we have written a brief introduction to the latest version of the commercial PC optimization application suite from Uniblue, the Powersuite 2013. We even wrote about the free but cut-down version of the software suite. And today, let’s read on what we have to say about Powersuite 2013 in our in-depth review.

Uniblue Powersuite 2013 is actually a combination of three powerful applications into one package. It combines all the functionality of Uniblue’s key software products including DriverScanner 2013, SpeedUpMyPC 2013 and MaxiDisk 2013.

So I guess you get the rough idea of what’s Powersuite 2013 has to offer to users like you. It should enables you to scan drivers for update, clean up and optimize your computer for performance enhancements and runs hard disk defragmentation on your PC. Of course, there’s more to what this software suite is capable of doing. Read on to find out.
What’s New in Powersuite 2013?

The 2013 version comes load of new features and improvements. Revamped interface and design is a sure thing and it’s for the better as the software suite is now easier to navigate than ever. Powersuite 2013 now also supports the upcoming Windows operating system, the Windows 8.

Other notable features include automatic restore point creation during product installation (for increased safety), new overall system performance indicator, automatic internet proxy detection, ability to undo most fixes, multiple scan options and support to 13 languages, among others.
Uniblue Powersuite 2013 Review

We love the fresh new look. We hope you love it too. It doesn’t look crowded at all despite being a software suite (with quite a number of features inside). Everything seem to fit nicely in place. It’s easier to navigate under the three available categories – the Speed Tools, System Optimization and Disk Optimization.

From the main window, you can get at a glance view at the state of your computer’s overall health. There is a one-click button to run a full scan on your system to scan for areas of your system that can be improved. We like the real-time scan results in the very same screen.

Beside running full scan, you can choose to scan by category (the button is available under each category) or run a single feature scan from within the tabs.

Now, let’s take a look at each of the three main components of Powersuite 2013.

The Speed Tools consists of a set of essential tools to (you know) make your computer runs faster. The CPU manager helps you manage and balance CPU usage and resources. Software Launch Booster helps boost software launch speed. Meanwhile Start Menu Software Accelerator enables you to decrease software launch time through Start Menu, and Proactive Thumbnail Generator allows you to save thumbnail data to disk for faster access.

To put the tools to work, simply toggle on each of the speed tools. To best part is that you just need to configure the tools once, and forget about them afterwards. The tools will work on their own every time you run Powersuite 2013, unless you choose to disable them.

You may want the speed tools to run automatically on Windows start up, simply go to the settings window to enable it.  There’s a scheduler that you can configure to run automatic and unobtrusive maintenance.


I think most of you would agree that all key software products from Uniblue have clean and user-friendly interface. Yes, Uniblue has novice users in mind with the new Powersuite 2013. Everything fits nicely in the software. Users should find it easy to navigate and operate within the software suite. Even the most novice user knows how to run the one-click full system scan. The scan results are displayed in real-time within the same screen. Some similar PC optimization software would take you to a new screen to view the results.

Powersuite 2013 may not be the most feature-packed PC optimization software suite available on the market, but we are quite satisfied with what the software has to offer. Sometime it can be quite difficult to navigate a software if everything looks so crowded inside. It may chase away many users especially novice users. Well, if you are looking for a fully fledged PC optimization tool, you may need to look elsewhere.


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