Video Converter Software

Some things are just too good not to share. The best video converter software can help you show and tell your family and friends about all your favorite moments, whenever and wherever. This class of software can repackage video files in one format to make them viewable in other formats. Whether you want to convert FLV to MP4 or convert AVI to DVD, these products have got you covered, and you don’t need to understand the alphabet soup of file formats to use them. This software translates most of that for you.

If all you know is that you want to convert a YouTube video to a file format that would look great playing on your iPod classic, the best video converter software will make it happen in a couple clicks. If you want to be able to watch your DVD collection on your computer or on your phone, just put video converter software to work. In no time, you can watch your favorite movies anytime and anywhere. The line at the DMV will seem short and possibly even sweet when you can pull up your favorite movie on your phone to pass the time.

In this site, you will find articles related to video converter software and reviews of the best video converter applications we found, including our favorites – AVS Video Converter, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate, and Aimersoft Video Converter Ultimate.

Video Converter Software: What to Look For

When you are choosing video converter software, you should first have a basic idea of which videos you want to convert. Each converter application can only change certain file format types into another set of file formats. You have to find software that both supports the file format of the video you need to convert and your target format. That might seem like a complex process when you look at it on the surface, but it’s far from that – especially since the best software can convert almost any file format to almost any other format. You just want to double check that the software you choose can convert video to the formats you use.

The best video converter software not only translates files between a wide range of formats, but it can also help you edit videos in a number of ways so that you get exactly the pieces of each video you want, in the order you want them, stored in the format of your choice.

Here are some of the specific things we looked for while we evaluated video converter software:

Input Files
The video converter software you choose should give you the option to convert videos from common file formats like AVI, WMV and MOV as well as less-common file formats, such as IFO, 3GP and RM. The wider the range of potential conversions, the more useful a product will be to you.

Output Files
The best software gives you the ability to convert your favorite videos into common and obscure file formats and back again without losing any of the quality from the original video. We looked for products that can convert video files to a very wide range of formats.

Good software can convert videos from a long list of file formats to a long list of file formats, but the best video converter software goes beyond that to offer editing tools that help you repackage your videos any way you like. You should be able to convert only the parts of each recording you want to and piece them together in creative ways. You should be able to change the overall look of the video by rotating it, adding special effects and more.

Ease of Use
Most video conversion software can perform basic tasks, but superior products make it very easy to perform basic tasks with a simple interface that removes guesswork – even if you don’t have much experience.

Help and Support
Video conversion is usually simple, but any reputable manufacturer will offer support for its product along the way. We prefer video conversion software that comes with help that is easy to find, whether you prefer to call, send an email or chat live with a representative.

The best video converter software lets you organize and maximize your collection of YouTube clips, movies, television shows and other recordings, allowing you to watch them on almost any device at any time.